My Microfather : The Life Of My Grandfather

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I have many amazing people in my family. I admire them, look up to them and inspire to be like them. There is one person in my family that I look up to and has been an inspiration to me for many years. That person is my grandfather. I call him grandpa Stout. He is my mother’s father. My grandpa Stout does not live near me. Unfortunately, he lives near Rochester, New York. So for this reason I do not get to see him very much. When I was little, I went to visit more often because I was not in school yet. However, when I started school and became involved in activities, I only go once or twice a year. This paper will demonstrate the extraordinary man that I know as my grandfather. My grandfather was born in 1943. He was born near Rochester, New York. He grew up in a small town in a house right on a lake. When he married my grandmother, he moved to her small town and they lived there from that point on. He was the oldest of three siblings. He has one brother and one sister. My grandfather has three children. My mom, my uncle Mike and my uncle Brain. My grandparents have now been married for fifty years. He has had two main careers as an adult. He worked construction for several years and then he decided to become a prison guard. He retired as a prison guard after thirty years. One thing about my grandfather is that he has an extreme work ethic. He alway showed up for work and was never late. He has this thing with the clocks at home and in his car.

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