My Mom Taught Me About the Alpha Woman Essay

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Alpha Female Growing up in a female dominance family, I am influence significantly by my mother. A passionate, confident, and talented woman, who others call her alpha female, is not only a successful business woman who manages 14 SPA branches in Taiwan and China, but also a considerate mother who takes good care of her family. The term alpha first used to describe social statue, especially in animals, the individual in the community with the highest rank. Elephants are a matriarchal society, which female supervisors the whole herd. Among the sisterhood, a leader maintains the relationship between each elephants and other herds. A role contains leadership and responsibility. Moreover, it is used to characterize a woman who is …show more content…

The social alternation was given to women by the 19th amendment, guarantees the right to vote for all women; however, women still struggled with social expectation. Even though with the ability to make a difference in politics and economics, alpha female contributes her hours in perfection because she is constantly improving and being approved. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the leader of Social Democrats and Prime minister of Denmark shows characteristics as an alpha female. She is independent and thoughtful, most all of, a woman with abilities to govern a country. During these positions, she had to make difficult decisions such as cutting the welfare in Denmark, which Sweden, Finland, and Norway have all cherished. Despite the criticism, she stood for what she believes- what benefits most people. (Scrutton & Jenson, 2013) Moreover, even a selfie with David Cameron and Barack Obama during Nelson Mandela memorial was magnify by news around the world. A woman with great abilities in politics and economics was still judged daily based on her action and reaction. Many other alpha females are criticized by their actions, not to improved their talents and experiences but to pull them down. High competition generates high pressure and these can cause anxiety, depression, and eating disorder. Even more serious, the continue working in instance environment might cause heart failure and occupational overuse syndromes.

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