My Moment In My Life

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In my life there have been very few moments in which I have felt truly sad, these moments are the very things that have defined me. The most life changing of these experiences were my last few weeks in Medford Wisconsin. It all began on the monday of my final week, that day the gravity of the entire situation finally hit me. In the months leading up to this week i had been able to convince myself that i was okay, and that when it all went down i would remain calm. That day when i woke up i knew something was different. I was going through the same motions as i would go through every morning but it all felt strange, it was like all the joy that i had was slowly being drained out of me. On my way to school my dad gave me talk about what was happening between he and my mom because recently they had started arguing a lot because of the stress of the move. I remember him telling me that at the end of the week I would need to tell him my decision on whether i wanted to stay and live with my older brother or leave with the rest of the family. Even though i had the choice to stay in my mind i had already decided that it would be best to stay with my parents for the sake of my younger siblings. Flash Forward to the thursday of that week, on that day i would experience one of my first lasts. That day after school I had a track meet, this meet was bittersweet because even though i had performed well it had hurt me to know that this was the last time i would ever dawn a medford track uniform. I remember after the meet i was in the team locker room just sitting there taking it all in with my fellow teammates. The track team had always felt like a family to me, we trained together, laughed together, and experienced intense workouts together all of these memories being irreplaceable. Finally friday had approached, everything about May 1, 2015 was sad. The school day began with the receival of release papers, all these papers had to be signed by my teachers for all my classes.The process had begun increasingly difficult with every hour because to me it felt like with every signature i had been losing a part of my life. When I had received my final signature i was in tears because i knew that it was over, i went to my locker

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