The Moment I Stood Up for Myself

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The moment I stood up for myself It’s my freshman year in high school, and I must admit, so far high school is even worse than middle school. Despite the fact that I have 1,675 more days to go to finally graduate, being bullied and named called is worse than eating my grandma’s Brussels’ sprout. After middle school, I had hopes that things would get better. I was always the laidback kid that had no friends. I’ve was always considered as the quaint and unusual guy who barely had friends. Despite all that, some days, I was both happy and sad; and I always tried figuring out how that could be. There were some days that it got really bad that I even had suicidal thoughts. I guess I was tired up of all the lonesomeness, the…show more content…
Fear, was what gave society the impression that I was an easy target. I never stood up for myself, I was scared and the guys that usually bullied me would even threaten me. But at this particular moment, as I was walking away, I stopped, and kept thinking that enough is enough. I walked up to the guy that tripped me over; Took out my gun, targeted him on his face and pulled the trigger. Then he pushed me, and I realized it wasn’t real. I was so furious; the adrenaline kicked in, and of course the fear wasn’t there anymore. I pushed him against the table so hard and hit him on his face. I warned him, and everybody that kept pushing me around, that if they touched me one more time, I’ll blind them. I let him go, and walked away. All the lonesomeness, the embarrassment and the fear finally gave me the courage to stand up for myself. I was tired, and I knew that I would have to do something to stop this atrocious life. I was proud of myself; because my whole life, I was being picked on, made fun of, mistreated, and been bullied on. At that present day, I had hopes that the bullying and mistreatment would stop. I felt relieved, and I could finally

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