My Most Important Skills Someone Can Be Our Own Pop Culture

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One of my most defining traits is being very analytical to what I am passionate about. I feel that critical thinking and analysis are some of the most important skills someone can have in this world today. The ability to look at everything presented to us critically: whether it be our own pop culture, the people around us, the events happening in the world, the social situations close to us, or the crucial decisions you make every day, can lead us to making better judgements by thinking about things with more complexity and understanding. I want to teach high school English for sophomores and seniors, because I feel that those are the most formative years during high school. For sophomores because that’s when they start forming their identity as a young adult, and for seniors because that is when they are about to leave high school and enter the adult world. Those two points in high school feel like the most crucial times we should be teaching literature to high schoolers, as an appreciation for literature and analysis can be very beneficial for students who are grappling with difficult questions and ideas about themselves. The lessons we can learn from literature and the critical thinking skills they would gain through analysis can help benefit the students and help them process the difficult changes they might be facing.
Something that I would want to advocate to my students is that all media presented to them has the potential teach important lessons; whether it would be

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