My Mother By Lisa Dawn Hicks Kern

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My mother, Lisa Dawn Hicks Kern, was born at Wadley Regional Medical Center, Texarkana, TX, on Sunday, June 15, 1969. Her father, James Kenneth Hicks, was 28 at the time of my mother’s birth; he was employed at Red River Army Depot as an electrical engineer. Her mother, Sharon Lee Clark Hicks, was 25 when my mother was born, at the time she was the home maker. My mother had an older sister who was a four year old toddler at the time of my mother’s birth. Kimberly Ann Hicks was born at Wadley Regional Medical Center, Texarkana, TX, on Monday, August 30, 1965. My mother has lived in Texarkana, TX, her whole life just like I have. The year of her birth until she was in the third grade she lived on Tamar Street, in a three bedroom house, that was in Pleasant Grove District, one street away from Pleasant Grove Middle School. Her family then moved into a three bedroom house on Clear Creek, a few streets away from her former house; this house is still the house that her parents still live in. After my mother got married, her and my father moved into an apartment called Tanglewood apartments at the time. They lived at their apartment for four years. In the year 1991 my parents moved into their own house they bought to raise their family in. The three bedroom, two bath, one car garage, and big back yard house, is the house that they still live in today. My mother attended grade school at Pleasant Grove Independent School District. Growing up she had a lot of hobbies and she loved

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