My Mother 's Reasoning For Entering The Teaching Profession

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After doing my fifteen hours of observing my field, I have enjoyed every minute and I have also gained a new perspective on how hard teachers work. Being a teacher runs in the family. Therefore, I already had background information that was given to me by my relatives, but being in the classroom takes it to a whole new level. During this life changing field experience, I got to observe my mother. My mother teaches kindergarten through fifth grade. She has been teaching at Chiefland Elementary for three years, but she has been in education field for ten years. She first started as a tutor and then a teacher’s aide. This coming fall, she will be graduating with her masters in Elementary Education. My mother’s reasoning for entering the …show more content…

The grade area that I was able to observe was kindergarten through fifth grade. During this observation, I notice that the different age groups and how responsible they were. Believe it or not, I noticed the kindergarteners were very respectful and well behave, while the fifth graders were more noisy and disrespectful. I think the reason for this is because fifth graders are older and they have been in school for a while and being in school has kind of “old news” to them. I think the kindergarteners were more respectful and well behave is because they were in a new environment and school is fun for them. I worked with many students during this observation. I had one student who I think I had an impact on. She was a new student and she didn’t have any friends. When the teacher assigned a group assignment, she was left out. I helped her with her work and told her that being at a new school is rough at first and that to give it time and she would make friends in no time. I noticed a lot of students that I used to teach at a daycare once. They were all happy to see me again. I think the most positive aspect in my field experience was being able to have one on one time with some of the students. I was able to have conversation with the students on what they about drugs and how to handle a situation when drugs are involved. Like every other job, there are some challenges that you have to face.

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