My Motivation At Carver High School System

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Promise is the potential to improve my teaching abilities now and throughout the remainder of my career. From my starting point in this profession I have displayed my potential through the passion and desire I have for the improvement of each of my students’ academic performance. As the acronym is used, I feel that the Carver High School administration has been able to see potential in me because I am a reminder of their first experiences in the field of education. Feedback from fellow co-workers concerning my content knowledge, the high expectations I have developed for my students, and my ability to have empathy for my students without allowing them to use the same situation as an excuse, are all hallmarks of my development as a new …show more content…

SENSITIVITY was stressed to me by a professor who said we should be waffles and not spaghetti. When syrup is poured over waffles, it stays in safe compartments. When sauce is poured on spaghetti it falls wherever it wants and when one piece moves, it affects all of the others. I have to be sensitive to the needs of my students but also help them to realize they have learning to do regardless of their life circumstances. Their success in school can lead to changes in their life path. The path to EXCELLENCE is different for everyone. I see excellence in the classroom as a student-centered room where the teacher is still looking for new ways to improve. Excellence requires teamwork from the school as a whole striving to put the puzzle pieces together with our students. I am working toward this by collaborating with my TA and other teachers in my department, observing master teachers in my building, and reflecting on my practice on my own and with others more experienced than myself. Promise it the not only the characteristics depicted above but also the assurance one will do a particular thing to. It is my promise to myself, my students, Carver Nation, and the entire WSFCS that I facilitate the learning process in a positive and inviting fashion.
An effective classroom must be based on students taking ownership of their own learning experience. In my classroom

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