Essay on My Muslim Grandmother's Shock with Canadian Culture

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Imagine getting off the plane for the very first time after living the majority of your life in a Muslim country. The first sight you see is a couple being publicly affectionate. This is my grandmother’s very first encounter on Canadian soil. To any Western this is a social norm, but to an Arab woman it is a cultural shock, which is perceived as uncomfortable at the least. Although she is closed minded, it partially is not her fault, as I have lived with her in Tehran and Dubai –two Muslim cities located in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. (PDA) Public display of affection is forbidden in these two countries. To me public affection is not just “…people making out and touching each other inappropriately…” it is the respect you have for…show more content…
As diverse characters of the planet, we entirely perceive our surroundings through our very own paradigm, which is shaped based on identity. When seeing the world through a paradigm one is effectively viewing and interpreting through a certain filter. For example, if a scientist is observing an art piece, he may not be able to perceive it through the artist’s paradigm and in order to be a critic of the art, he must understand what the illustrator is trying to portray. Because art can vary from a detailed painting in such dull colors to a bright coloured rectangle, and to look at it through a scientific paradigm he will not understand the story behind the art piece. This rectangle could represent someone’s entire life, as would the detailed painting. And for one to view it through an extremely different paradigm, they may not see past the ‘pretty picture’ or ‘plain rectangle’. Our religion and where we are raised is a major ingredient to formulating our identity. It is also why one person may perceive, as ‘kissing in public’ to being extremely wrong, where as one may not even notice it. Within the Iranian and Middle-Eastern culture, numerous perceive situations through the rights and wrongs of the Holy Quran. Research also claims that many of the passages within the Holy Quran “…are meant for human perception and comprehension…” (Berrada 45). This statement illustrates that our
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