My Name Is Dennis Owusu Essay

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My name is Dennis Owusu I was born in 1987 in the Northern region part of Ghana, west Africa, a country which is known to be the gate way to Africa, with a rich cultural heritage and rich ornaments such as Gold, Diamond, Timber, just to name a few. The most fundamental part of my life was spent in a small village with my mother and sisters, while my father was away, somewhere we did not know. Education is an essential part of my life as it presents me with skills towards gaining knowledge; it instills values of proper conduct as per societal norms; and provides me with the necessary technical expertise to bring about the desired societal change in future. Although my life has been ridden with many challenges so far as the oldest of my family, I plan to overcome them one at a time. My most important goal is to do magnificent in school, both to excel in life and to make my mother and family proud. While employing the use of life tools to make sure life does not get over my head, I will reflect on the problems that I have faced in my biographical background that are connected to the social norms, institutions and in the large part to the social culture located in history of my country. Growing up in Ghana was like a dream, as I believed that I had it all; friends, family, love, care and everything one could possibly ask for as a village boy with no city life but I was grateful for my upbringing. I never took for granted the simple, joyful and fun-filled life in Sisila (Northern

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