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My New Dog

“Mom can i have a dog” I asked randomly one day. “Absolutely….not”.Said Mom. Looked at her with my puppy eyes and started to make my eyes water. “No!” She said with anger in her voice. As i stomped up stairs i thought maybe if i can get lucy to say that she wants a puppy then Mom will say yes. “Lucy” I yelled. “I am playing” She screamed back. I went to her room and i saw her playing barbies. “Can u do me a faver”. “No I play barbies.” She said walking over to her barbie car. “It 's about a doggy”. “Ok”. She said super excited. I told her my plan but, a little more her age and she went with it and went downstairs to ask mom. “Veronica Anne Daniels get down here now!” She said. “Yes” I said with a quiver. She gave me the evil eye and I was scared. “Why on earth would you send your three year old sister down here to ask for a puppy”. She said picking up lucy. “I don’t know” I said looking down at my feet. ‘Look do you really want a dog.” She said. I shook my head. “Then you have to take care of it feed it walk it and give it a really good name and if you have to train it. We also have to check with dad.” She said smiling. I looked at her as if she just gave me a million dollars. “ Thank you Thank you Thank you.” I said running up to give her a hug and a kiss. Lucy was clapping her hands and screaming yeah at the same time. As i ran up stairs a truck pulled in. “Dad’s home.” I said running to the window. “Daddy.” Said Lucy running into his arms. “Hi honey how was

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