Charlie And Kibbles: A Narrative Fiction

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“Um, how do you do charlie” I said shyly. “ Fine kid say why don’t you get me a soda” Charlie said very rudely. “ Alright what kind” I said smiling. “Oh wait let me guess Grape right” I exclaimed. “ Lucky guess smartie , that’s my favorite kind” Charlie said astonished. “Ya I guess so” I said kindly. Suddenly Kibbles runs up and started to bark at Charlie. Charlie looked down at Kibbles, and he seemed very disgusted. Charlie kicked Kibbles and yelled “ Get out of here you dumb dog!” Kibbles flew across the room and hit the faded old yellow coach. “ Charlie that wasn’t very nice” I blurted. Charlie looked surprised for a moment then said “ I don’t have to be nice so where is my soda.” “ Over there” I said angrily as Charlie floated past me …show more content…

I ran over to Kibbles “ Hey bud you ok.” Kibbles jumped up and ran into the other room. I turned to see Charlie sitting on the couch drinking his soda. “This soda sure is good get me another” Charlie said.“Um, Charlie I think I want to make my 1st wish” I hesitated. “ Ya what do you want kid.” Charlie said . I thought for a moment then spoke “ Um I want 1 million dollars .” “ Done” and with a snap of his fingers puff white smoke emerged from the can, and a large amount of money appeared. “Thanks” I said with excitement. Charlie smiled and said ” No problem 2 more wishes kid.” “ I want to make my second wish Charlie” I said fully. Charlie got quite, and waited for me to make another wish. “ I wish for a career for cancer”I said with a grin. “Really nothing for yourself but ok .” And for my final wish. I wish for you to be banished for ever to your beat up can never to grant a wish again.” “Anything but that” Charlie pleaded. “ No That is my final wish.Now go back into your can .” “ Fine” Charlie saidd angrely. Puff blue smoke drifted towards the beat up soda can. The with a loud BANG the can disappeared. After that night my life went back to

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