My New House

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“What! We’re moving? We can’t be moving! This is absolutely ridiculous!” Were included in the many words, thoughts and feelings I had when I was informed by my parents in seventh grade that they were building a new house and that we would be moving. I found that as the house came together, my new life in Little Falls did too. With each new improvement made to the house I matured and learned how to confront and solve the issues that I was facing. I soon visited where we would be building our new house for the first time. It was a vacant, boring lot with a large amount of dead grass and rocks. In addition, I visited the new school that I would be attending that summer before school started and it occurred to me that I would have to …show more content…

The general shape of the house was produced and I had routine in my life. The interior framework symbolized the smaller, more minute changes in my life. These changes included my struggle with not being capable of putting a name to a face when I was talking to somebody, though I had been introduced, feeling apprehensive about asking the teacher for help when I was facing difficulty in Algebra, and trying to find a friend group to sit with at lunch whom I felt comfortable around. The wood was nailed to the outside framework, and the insulation, plumbing and electric started to be put together in the interior framework of the house. I started to make the adjustments in my life work, and became more comfortable with each new thing that I had to confront. The electrical, plumbing and insulation was complete, and it was time for the sheetrock to be put in place. Once the sheetrock in each of the rooms was up, I was finally able to visualize what a finished product might look like and it was so calming. I was able to see how the house might be and what my life would be like with time as long as I held my positive attitude and kept making necessary changes. A tan tile was placed throughout the house on the main floor excluding my parent’s bedroom and what would be the living room. I laid on the new carpet in the living room and felt accomplished with how well everything came together. I pictured myself having sleepovers in that living

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