My Nursing Experience

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When my grandmother was dying of cancer in hospice, I had no intentions of becoming a nurse. Consistently, I repositioned her because she was in pain. Dutifully, I opened her windows because she loved the sunlight. Respectfully, I rubbed lotion on her skin because it made her comfortable. Devotedly, I prayed with her because her faith was strong, and she was ready to be reunited with my grandfather. Wistfully, I held her hand as she took her last breath, and told her it was okay to go. Afterwards, when the hospice nurses had told me that I would make a great nurse and I should consider nursing as a career, I politely said “No, thank you, nursing is not for me.” When I was pregnant with my daughter, my practitioner was a Certified Nurse Midwife. I was blessed with a relatively smooth pregnancy, and a provider who took care of my mind and body. I had a water birth with my daughter, which was a life changing experience for both of us. It allowed for her to have a smooth transition into this world surrounded by our family. It was the spark for me to say that maybe I could be the person to help others have the same amazing experience. When I asked my CNM how to do what she does, she said first things first; I had to become a nurse. Eventually, I did become a nurse, although I did not end up in labor and delivery as I first intended. Nevertheless, I landed in medical/surgical oncology, and it would seem that is where I belonged all along. Those two aforementioned events in my

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