My Opinion About About Marxism

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My opinion about about Marxism I will start by saying I admire both the great Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels whom through their ideas and inspiration gave birth to Marxism. Marx was a creative,idealist and a determinist scholar who was willing to change his mind when he's confronted with new ideas. I also believe that there were two Marx in the sense that the young Marx was more of revolutionist while the matured Marx was more of economist. I wouldn't want to discuss in details about Marx's ideas but I believe that he was one of the greatest political scientist in the seventh century whose theories about society, economics and politics created the term Marxism. Marx basically believed that human societies progress through class…show more content…
It's also been proven from history that all countries which had a central planing committee and fully practiced communism couldn't survive. Soviet Union is one example Why because Adam Smith made it clear with his famous phrase 'the invisible hand of the market' and also from the principles of economics we learned that trade can make every one better off. Even though china describe itself as socialist in Marxist sense I don't think so because the Chinese kind of socialist support the creation of social market dominated by the public sector which is contrary to the principles of Marxist. It clear that if Deng Xiao Ping hadn't step in with his reform policies china would have fallen like any other form of socialist state. The bottom line is Marx offered his ideas and thought about how the society needs to be and since this has to do with a society, we need to study them carefully before we put them in to practice. China has done a great job by mixing it up with a bit of democrats and bit of socialism, that's what I call best of both world. I would rather prefer to use social democrat to describe china rather than communist. Now the world can watch and learn from
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