My Own Hero Research Paper

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Zanele Lindie 11Y
Her Own Hero
“Break the silence! Be bold and brave! Never lose yourself!” That was me ten years ago. Now, I’m marrying a man I do not love and dealing with my mother’s constant disapproval of the woman I am. So, yes, I am as unfulfilled with my life as one can be, and this is how it how it all started:
18 year old Aruni Patil was a beautiful, young woman with long black hair, clear caramel skin, a slim physique, hazelnut eyes that twinkled and a smile that could brighten even the grumpiest spinster’s day. It’s amazing what 10 years of constant unhappiness can do to a person. The girl I was once was is not remotely close to the woman I am now. I was ready, ready to finally live my life as an adult until the day my father died. Following my father’s death, my mother needed someone to obsess
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I woke up, put away the groceries as per his instructions, hung his dry cleaning exactly as he had requested and packed the towels exactly as he had taught me. I was doing his tie for him when I noticed my reflection in a mirror. I saw a 28 year old woman with multitudes of bags under her eyes, disheveled hair with a hint of greys, cold-looking pale skin, a protruding stomach and eyes that had no life beyond them. Jival looked at me disapprovingly and tapped his watch indicating that I was taking too long. That was the moment. The moment I felt bravery surging inside of me. I slapped him, no, I believe it was a punch, I can now remember the pain in my knuckles. It was so amazing. That was when my mother walked in. I looked her in the eye and, out of nowhere, I slapped her. The feeling of my hand connecting with her cheek was of utter exhilaration. I recall yelling, at the top of my lungs, “I AM FINALLY READY TO START LIVING MY LIFE FOR ME!” I stormed out of the bedroom with the cheekiest grin on my face. Then, I thought to myself, “For the first time in 10 years, I am alive! Aruni Devaah Patil is finally
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