My Papa As A Grandfather

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From a young age, myself and my papa were extremely close, I was his youngest grandchild and his last. My Papa was a hardworking man that grew up in the Gorbals, despite a rough upbringing, my papa is one of the sweetest most placid people you would ever meet, which is where he received his childhood nickname style. My Papa was a highly influential man who was a role model to: me, my brother and my dad. My papa was very comical, thoughtful man with a great character; this is why anyone could socialise with my papa because he was such a loveable character. My papa had an imposing life, he lived in Germany for a number of years with his wife and three children (My nana, dad, uncle and auntie) living on a farm with a great job, it was a great time for him, I remember talking to him about the farm, he would talk about how he would retrieve fresh eggs every morning from the chickens and how he would feed the animals. This great life in Germany did not last forever though, my papa would be involved a perilous car crash in 1971, where he would break his hip as well as many other nasty injuries, due to these injuries my papa would spend nearly a year in hospital which ultimately would result in him being let go from his job and returning to Scotland. When my papa and family returned to Scotland it was extremely difficult for him to find work, despite his injuries he found work in the ship yards, in which he would work the majority of his days.

My personal relationship with my papa

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