The Great Superfather : A Story Of A Great Grandfather

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The Jenkins family is really, really big. I don’t know much of my family because we are spread out all over the world. I never got to meet my great, great, great grandmother but I did meet her husband. His name was john lashary Jenkins. I never really hung out with him but I did meet him and get to shake his hand and see him before he passed away. So I don’t know that much about him other than he had great kinds. His son which is my great, great and his daughter who is my great, great grandmother. I got to meet them and they are big soccer lovers it’s weird. So from them I just have my great grandfather and he had my grandfather who I’m going to share a story about. My grandfather is one heck of a man; I’ve never met a greater man in my life. Not even my father is more than a man then him. Steven Webb is my grandfather name; he is a 75-year-old retried vet. My grandfather was in the Army for 22 years, he’s now retried and lives in Florida and recruit for the military. My grandmother is lucky to have this man of God in her life. I always look up to my grandfather not because of him being in the Army just because of the type of man he is. The story I’m going to share with you is the time my grandfather took me to a basketball game. People may just say oh it’s just a game. NO. It was way more than just a game. So I just had lost my best friend in high school due to a car crash, I was out of it. Did not want to do anything but sit at her grave site. I missed school for 3 days

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