My Papa's Waltz Denotation

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“My Papa’s Waltz” By theodore Roethke uses a cacophonous diction that creates a distinct comparison between connotation and denotation. In the first stanza; he states, “But i hung on like death.” This was towards the beginning of the poem that may give off an idea to the reader that the son’s life was in danger and as if he was being abused. The denotation of the line is that he’s just hanging on tightly to his father due to the fact that his father is woozy due to all the whiskey. Also, Roethke says, “You beat time on my head,” that builds off the idea of abuse. It makes it seem as if he’s consistently being abused by his father. He’s Just dancing with his son to the beat of the music. The diction he uses like “death” and “beat” associate

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