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My parents have been nothing less then my best friends my whole life. They tend to always be right about what’s going to happen. What people are good for me… and especially who's not. Of course i don’t always listen because i’m kind of hard headed, and need to figure out things on my own, which isn’t always the most efficient way of living, but hey. I'm just a kid! I’m going to give you a little background about my parents. My mom was in born in Little Rock Arkansas, but raised in Salem Oregon. She was a cheerleader, very peppy. She was in the school choir, softball team, set records for her track team, and even played on the boys soccer team because there wasn't a girls one! My dad was born and raised in Portland Oregon. He was super involved in high school too! The school's wrestling team, track, baseball, football, choir ( acapella and jazz), and sang bass in his own contemporary quartet. He went on to travel Europe, and the world in general after college. So ive got some pretty big shoes to fill here. Everything about them is what i aspire to be.
My dad has coached me in softball since i was 5, and it has always been a family tradition. Something that i've invested lot of time in, something my whole FAMILY has invested a lot of time in. I have so many fond memories of early morning car rides with my dad to softball games. Just me and him. The unstoppable duo. We would listen to Eye of the Tiger while we drove, and sang along together. Him laughing as my still

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