My Passion For Criminal Justice

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for the criminal justice field. I once dreamed about becoming a lawyer until I realized my desire for truly helping individuals master a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Admiring my mother being a licensed clinical social worker for the developmental disabilities population I too wanted to assist individuals with gratifying change through behavior modification. I later confirm my admiration and desire to assist in a person’s self-accomplishment working as a teacher aid during the summer of my freshman and sophomore years of high school. It was not only satisfying to see the over-flow of joy whenever I helped a child reach a new goal but to know I assisted them to that accomplishment made it all worthwhile. Additionally, holding an interest in criminal justice and human services I found a child advocacy program which fit my desire to gain more knowledge of the law regarding child protection in conjunction to the psychological hardships abuse and neglect have on the child victim and their families.
Further into my academic study of child advocacy I grew an intense passion for the psychological aspect of the study, not only for the child victims but for the offenders as well. I speculated the mens rea of child predators, what would make someone commit crimes on children more importantly how could those offenders be educated to correct their unacceptable societal behavior. I always knew about ABA therapy through my work

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