My Passion For Medicine

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My initial passion for science is where my ambition began but immediately after beginning practical experience, I became inundated with intrigue for medicine. The prospect of a career that will push my learning capabilities to the limit while keeping up with the endless advances that often forefronts modern medicine in the news, fascinates me. From the respected staff to the thankful patients, the versatility and reward of medicine as a subject has become the reason that compels me to pursue this vocational course where the aim is primarily to help those in need. To attain critical understanding to what medicine entails, I arranged some work experience at two GP clinics, one also being a walk-in-centre. While shadowing, I witnessed patient check-ups, typical diagnosis’ as well as the administrative aspects. By observing, I was able to appreciate the knowledge required to give a patient the best experience possible whether they needed reassurance or advice. Consequently, this helped me realise the value of the doctor-patient relationship further motivating me to learn how to adapt when in particular situations; a skill that will be invaluable in the practice of a doctor. The most notable event was when a woman entered the GP while in labour, I exercised my ability to respond appropriately, by pointing the distressed patient to the head receptionist and alerting a trained doctor as instructed. This taught me the importance of maintaining professionalism and controlling my
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