My Passion For Palliative And Hospice Care Social Work

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When it came to envisioning my advanced block placement, I knew I wanted something different, something to transform the way I practiced social work for the last fourteen years. The timing ideal as my passion for palliative and hospice care social work was in transition. I seized the opportunity in preserving it by securing an international internship where I could research the cultural differences in the quality of both the tangible and intangible deliverables in providing compassionate end-of-life care. The destination, Nepal!
Knowing I was traveling to an underdeveloped nation, I did my homework, or did I? I partnered with an ancillary community college who I thought focused on expanding the development of social work as a discipline in Nepal and were teaching BSW students to become nearly the first truly ‘educated’ social work practitioners in the country, which excited me. Disappointingly, the system lacked structure and organization.
My trip started off tumultuously, as did my relationship with my host, consequentially who lacked hospitality among other qualities, leaving me to discover the copious cultural dichotomies and challenges around every corner, alone, daunted by the lack of local support. Thankfully my Seminar Instructor, Wanda Anderson, LICSW and my classmates supported me through the pit falls every step of the way!!! Learning that the Nepalese culture and its diverse issues, for example, the concept of time management, which is idle, punctuality

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