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I am very passionate about everything I do in my life. Whether it’s academics, sports, reading, or any topic I might be into. But specifically, there are several things that define me in my life that is my compassion towards innocent animals, volleyball, and my family. Life is short and for the time I’m here I intend on making the best out of it for not only myself, but for others. Becoming a vegetarian has uncovered many truths, and has turned me into a more observant person. Early into my sophomore year I had taken a large interest in the food industry. After watching several documentaries, I was motivated to dig deeper. I researched and was shocked and upset with the results. On a daily basis, I was consuming foods, without any background knowledge on where the food was coming from, and most importantly what types of chemicals were being injected into the food. Once I became aware of the harmful toxins I was putting into my body, I simply decided to stop eating meat. I would not allow big corporations to take advantage of me and profit off my eating habits. Deciding to become a vegetarian unveiled my eyes to the mistreatment of innocent animals. Due to factory farming animals are living dark, miserable, encaged lives, only to be brutally slaughtered. Turning a blind eye to the abuse was not an option for me, I could no longer contribute to the inhuman ways our our society. Transitioning into this new lifestyle was far from easy. Friends and family members did not

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