My Passions In Life : My Passions

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Without passions the world would not be going anywhere and there would be no advancements. People would not have the desire to do anything. We possibly could still be in the stone age, without any of the things we have today. These passions help humans to want to have great achievements and breakthroughs. They give us motivation to keep pushing and working. I would not be the person I am today, if I had no passions. My passions that keep me going in life are hockey, my career. and my family Hockey is the passion that allows me to have fun and relax. Life can be very stressful at times, especially during school. This stress can build up and cause a person to want to quit. In order to prevent this, people do relaxing and/or fun things. Hockey helps me to have fun and reduce the amount of stress in my life. I enjoy playing and watching hockey. When I watch a hockey game, mostly the Pittsburgh Penguins, I can relax and have fun. This takes my mind off of all of my problems that I have and gives me a break to be happy. Also, when i play hockey, my mind is on the game instead of the problems in life. Playing hockey often causes stress, but it is a different type of stress due to my competitiveness. This stress I can enjoy because it drives me to do better in the game. When I do better and win a game, or when the team I am rooting for wins, then I become very happy for the moment, not worrying about anything else. If I have a big test the next week, after I study, I will often

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