My Personal Experience And Educational Development

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In my early twenties, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would help others recognize their challenges. With social work I am able to empower and liberate people to enhance their well-being, therefore, I feel I can do this in a caring and supportive way. I am continuing my college education in social work so that I can help others succeed in life, and help those in need to overcome obstacles and challenges. My goal is to provide others with the essential tools to be successful in life and become more active members of society. My primary objective is to promote lifelong achievement and happiness by employing the knowledge and insight that I have gained through my personal experience and educational development. I am passionate about empowering people and being able to give a voice to the vulnerable. Social workers will often work with clients from all walks of life, therefore it is imperative to keep an open mind. There are many social workers that will encounter different circumstances that bring them face to face with conflicts between their personal values and the values of their profession. When one enters the profession of social work, our personal opinions are put aside in order to treat the person with whom we are working even if we feel their values and ideas are wrong. This can be one of the hardest aspects of being a social worker. Social workers are expected to embrace a diversity of values and people. Learning to do this can be a process in which this

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