My Personal Experience : My First Experiences In America

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Experiences in life make each of us more mature. Everybody has their first experiences that they have never forgotten. Their first experiences maybe their first date, or their first job, or they're first of getting married. I believe everyone has mixed emotions as happiness, or sadness, or anxiety, or shame, or expect. My first experience is the first-day of high school in American.
The first-day I came to America. Here greeted me with a lot of snow in 2013. Small white snowflakes flew everywhere. After a tiring journey, some of them landed on the last leaf of the trees, some landed on the roofs, and some snowflakes preferred to lie on the dry grass. It created a whole white scene. It was so gorgeous, and that was a first time I saw snow. I came to the United States when I was 18 years old. However, when I was in Vietnam, I did not graduate from high school. That is why I have to go to high school here, but only for a senior year. After a day I came here, I went to school. At that time, I did not know how to drive yet, so I took the bus to get there. A bus picked me up at 6h30 am, so I had to wake up early to make sure that I would not late. However, to get up early to go to school is a very difficult thing for me. I just came here only one day, so I still had not adapted to the time zone. I remember I could not fall asleep at night because of Vietnam it was the day. I leaned over to the left and to the right with the anxious feeling about the school, the teacher, and the

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