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Apprehensive To Feel
Being raised in the Chicano culture in a small underprivileged metropolis which had very little community spirit, I was taught to be able to fend for myself at a young age. My family was uptight about my reputation as if our family’s honor depended on it. I was expected to be an admirable and thoughtful person to others while keeping my personal problems inside. This setting vastly affected on how I presented myself my whole life.
Growing up in this environment also impacted how I communicated with people. I gradually started to notice I kept conversations short and simple. I was the girl who wore blue box-shaped glasses and dull colored clothing a little too bit big for her size. I kept to myself and didn’t talk unless I was spoken to. My verbal syntax to express myself troubled my relationships with my peers and family members. This behavior was expected of me until I met Daniel Castanon the man who showed me how I can portray my emotions in writing to be the person I always wanted to become.
Daniel Castanon was the teacher I encountered on my first day of high school as I was unfortunately placed in his class. Daniel was an approachable middle-aged man with an overweight body mass, but whose long blonde hair was the first thing everyone always noticed when meeting him for the first time. He could always be found wearing graphic t-shirts as a teenager would. Mr. Castanon taught drama at my high school and was well known for being an

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