My Personal Reading : My Philosophy Of Reading

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Introduction I started reading at about 3 and a half years old. I would constantly have my parents tell me the sounds each letter made, pointing to fridge magnets, magazines, and anything else with words. I began to memorize the sounds that went with letters, which led me into being able to put the sounds together when the letters were strung together into a word. I learned how to speed read in 3rd grade, and would even annotate in the margins as if I was conversing with the characters and the author before I knew it could help me academically. I would challenge myself to see how fast I could get through a book. Despite my love for reading, I do not do it nearly as much as I would like nowadays. I do not have enough time to devote to a book, and when I am reading I like to be very involved in the story. However, while I don't have time for personal reading, I often read for my college level classes. I started out as a science major, so for a while, I was primarily reading from large, expensive, painstakingly boring textbooks. I then transitioned to an art major, and I noticed that the readings I was now required to do got a lot more interesting. I’ve read documents from some of the first art critics and theorists, as well as short essays about landscapes and perspective. I also have read a few books that are compilations of essays about sociology, as well as a short fiction novel and short essays on how to be a successful writer and reader. In order to successfully read

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