My Personal Statement Of One Phone Call

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Who would have thought that one phone call could change my whole life? I recall I was in the kitchen grabbing a snack from the fridge when my phone rang. I remember that before even hanging up with Ms. Rola, I found all my family around me hugging and congratulating me. I couldn’t believe it at first. After years of hard work, I made it to AUB with a full scholarship to a major that I always had a passion in. Something to be proud of, right? I was thrilled, but scared at the same time. I knew that AUB will be a big challenge, a different environment with different people and a different lifestyle. Nevertheless, I was up for it. I always wanted to become an AUB student yet it was a burden to afford such prestigious education, knowing that my father is the only breadwinner of the family. He used to always tell me: “Do not worry about the money, everything will work out eventually”, but I knew that he was just comforting me. By the time I got the call, I was already planning my next year at a public university. I still remember my father’s face the moment he knew about the scholarship as he hugged me and whispered to me that he is very proud of my achievements.
The first few days at AUB were weird. People here were different! I was lost and I didn’t know anybody here. The whole campus gave me a hard time but I was determined to make it through. During my sophomore year, I had the chance to be involved in multiple community service activities. I joined Farah Al Ataa in
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