My Preschool Classroom Observation

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My fifth observation was front area in preschool classroom no 1. s I started to observe a group of children playing wooden tracks and trains and trucks. The children was building train tracks and playing with trains. Luke bending over the toy box searched a curve wooden piece, when one of his peer asked,”hey what doing?” to which he replied “I searching for curve”
Luke, Leo and Zackery was building tracks on one side of the track and Luke said to Zackery “here we have to built” to that Zackery asked “did u find any person?” and there were some random conversation was going on. Luke pinched out something similar to person figured toy from toy box and said, “I got this!” .on the other end of the track Theodore and Benjamin were searched for person
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To which Isabelle and Gabrielle said, ”mama look what I have” and Izabelle came crawling on her knees and called “mama” .Shannon sat on her rocking chair to pretended read books to them, then Shannon stood up, went to kitchen brought two cups and gave it to girls and said “pretend to drink kitties”. Then Shannon found a baby doll and brown hand bag from shelf, she wore the hand bag on right side and carried a baby doll on left hand. Gabrielle and Izabella girls were lying on their stomach. Shannon came to the girls and said “common girls lets go home” to which Gabrielle said, “ok mama”. Then all three girls started to move around the classroom. r This is the example of dramatic playing symbolic…show more content…
In this play each child has their own character and dialogue to play. So this is the example of dramatic play which is also in symbolic play in cognitive play
Role of the teacher
There were around class 13 children in the classroom and they had two teachers in the classroom. The role of the teacher in the classroom was assisting the children in their play, monitoring the children, supplying materials whenever the children needed. They used games, and other activities to help children develop children in language and vocabulary, improve social skills. The teacher in the classroom was carefully observing each child and called out child name whenever the teacher felt the need to stop their activity for safety.
Reflective paper.
The first benefit I saw is, the benefit of cooperative play, in this play it is concerned with solving a problem by working together through play. Children develops their skills to expand
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