My Reading Life Is My Favorite Book

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My reading Life Myself as a reader is very political. I like to incriminate the bad character and discriminate against others as well. I think it’s a habit I’ve picked up because of watching so many crime TV shows and wanting to become a lawyer when I grow up so I’m very political and against many things. Favorite Book and Author Don’t give up don’t give in is my favorite book, it's based of the movie Unbroken and it the third book of a “series” revolving around Louis Zamperini’s life. The book starts off with Louis as a troubled young boy in California with a town already hating him and his family not because of all the mischief he’s done but because he is from a family of Italian Immigrants, since Louis is a troubled young boy he is used to getting caught by the police and running away. One day his older brother sees how fast he can run and makes him turn his life around and join the track team with him, once he does he only gets better from there. Getting first place beating kids who are twice his age and height. One day Louis runs so fast he qualifies for an Olympic trial time and while he was at the Olympic trials he makes it to the Olympics and is soon expected to run at the Olympics. But sadly he’s insisted in WWII and is shipped of to fight against Japan in the seas, but his plane crashes and he is forced to spend 47 days with no food, water, or shelter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with only one other person. He is saved but not by America but by Japan and

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