My Reflection Of Education : My Career As A Teacher

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To other people, playing piano seems normal and ordinary. I used to think it was a hassle and time-consuming, and I have gone to the point where I wanted to quit so many times. However, the responsibility of being the church pianist fell into my lap, and I realized that I needed to be independent. Before, I would rely on my piano teachers to tell me what to play. I only ever played at home, never for a huge crowd. No one, except my family and my teachers, had heard me play before. When I lived in New Hampshire and the previous church pianist left for college, I realized that it was my turn to take her place. I felt that I needed to be independent in order to prove to myself what I was capable of achieving in my abilities as a pianist. When I was six years old, my dad brought me to my first piano lesson. My first teacher, Laura, was only a high schooler at the time. She taught me the basic components to reading music and where I needed to place my hands. I was her first and only student at the time, and I loved playing piano because I felt in control of the instrument. The piano sang every time I touched each key, and to me, everything I played sounded beautiful. She held a little recital in her apartment every few weeks. My parents and her parents were the only ones in the audience. However, my time with her came to an end because she had to go off to college. It took a year for my parents to find me a new teacher that was not expensive. Doug, my second piano teacher, took

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