My Educational Experience As A Future Teacher

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Key Assessment As a future teacher I was very intrigued that I was able to go into the classroom and do hands on activities with the students. I was able to do my field placement hours at an elementary school that provided numerous opportunities for me to work with kids and gave me a chance to broaden my horizon with some new ideas for teaching. Overall I was able to focus on motivational skills, diversity, testing, I got the chance to work with children with learning disabilities, I was able to see the way the teacher interacted with her students, and much more. Although it seemed like 20 hours was a lot, I enjoyed being able to be in a classroom and prepare myself as a future teacher. I did my observation hours at Blackburn Elementary School, which is an elementary school for kids ages K-5. The goal at Blackburn is to give each child an equal opportunity to learn and strive to be the best they can be. Originally, I did my observation hours in a second grade classroom; however, I was also able to observe a kindergarten inclusion classroom as well. This experience gave me a lot of insight on the struggles of working with children who have learning disabilities and it also gave me great insight on ways to work with students. During my field experience I was able to observe how to work with students individually and in groups. I was able to see the difference it makes when you work with a child one on one and with other people. While I was in the classroom I was able to

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