My Reflection Of Sryology : My Life Of Astrology

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Ten years. Ten years I have been studying astrology, ever since I was 13 years old. If you can do the math that means I am currently 23 years old. Studying astrology this copiously has benefits to it, what started out as a hobby now has gave me puissant knowledge on everything pertaining to astrology. Nobody seemed to understand my passion for astrology, not even my own Mother. I reflect upon what it was like being misunderstood by my own peers and even my own family.

I don’t exactly remember when my infatuation with astrology came. I think it was more just there with me throughout my adolescence. February 7th is my birthday, and if you know basic astrology then you would know that I am an Aquarius. Each morning I would get up, shower, brush my teeth, eat, and then read my daily horoscope before I went to school. This was an ongoing occurrence until one day I started to realize how true and factual these horoscopes were to my day to day life. I remember one day I came home and and re-read my horoscope from earlier that morning, and I was astonished of how accurate it was.

The horoscope read as follows; “Today will be a day full of romance, excitement, and expect a familial death.”

That same day I got a love note in my locker, a surprise visit from a old friend of years ago, and my very ill grandmother had passed away all in the equal time period of a day.

This is not a mere coincidence, and I can recall numerous times where this exact portrait of how
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