My Report on the Jamaican Culture

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Sure, you did! But, is their lifestyle really what it is put out to be? Jamaican culture is the up-building, upholding, and one of the starting points of African culture. So, I am here to inform you about it.
The culture of Jamaica is very unique. Their culture is not the type of culture you would always imagine. Jamaican culture all started in the dancehall. The dancehall started in the cities of Kingston in the late 1940s but really started to become popular in the 1950s. The dancehall queen is the highest rank in the dancehall. The dancehall queen means that the person is the most visible and the best dancer of them all. As soon as the music hit the US in the 60's and 70's, it started to migrate into a Jamaican flavor or as known reggae.
The food customs of Jamaica is very different. The Jamaican patty is the most well known. These patties are dated back all the way to when Jamaica was found. In this patty it is found to be different spices to be cooked in their flaky shell. According to VIP Attractions, it states that, “Today, patties can be found all over Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. They became such a reminiscent piece of Jamaica that they have made their way into Europe and North America to satisfy the longing palates of the Jamaican Diaspora.” Also, in the Jamaican culture, they eat Johnny Cakes. They also call these Jamaican Fried Dumplings. Many breakfast platters are served…
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