My Self As A Hard Worker

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As I take a step back and look at myself from a different perspective I see my self as a hard worker. Looking back at all of my accomplishments throughout my life I see the one factor that split me from being just the average to the person I am today is hard work. Every since I was a little kid I have pushed myself to try and be the best I can be and to never give up. Starting when I was a little kid I have always played football and was never the best player on the team but always pushed myself to try to get there. Going into my junior year of high school I never looked like the kid that would end up being a starter on a very talented team. In the beginning of the summer leading up to the season I was third string just waiting for my time to play. But I didn’t look at it as me just waiting as I went out and did my best to get on the field. Being behind two older players at my position I was on the point of giving up and just saying to myself that I wasn’t good enough. As the year went on I never stopped pushing myself and with both players being injured I finally got my chance and I took complete advantage of it impressing everyone that didn’t think that I could it. As time went by and both players returned from injury I kept the spot I worked so hard for and continued to get better week after week. Through the hard work I put in on and off the field I became the player I knew that I could be. Taking on the role I worked so hard for was like a payday and just gave me a
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