My Social Issue : Unfair Trials

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Section 1: My Social Issue: Unfair Trial
1. The social issue I chose to talk about is called “Unfair Trials in the United States.” The topic of unfair trials deals with a ton of issues like wrongful sentences, unfair judicial systems, and the government being corrupt. I decided to do this topic because it one interests me and the second reason is because my best friend was wrongfully convicted and put in prison. I am always looking at cases like these kinds of things and looking at different perspectives on these cases. The problem about unfair trials is that we are putting good people away for a small mistake for a long time and rapists and murderers for a shorter period of time. “Ex-Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner is set to …show more content…

Section 2: Person Blame Approach to Unfair Trials
2. The person blame approach is when someone assumes that any social problem is the fault of some other individual that is not them. The person blame approach applies to unfair trials because so many people to be exact 5,000-10,000 wrongful convictions in the United States according to Professor Marvin Zalman. He stated that “2,000 innocent defendants going to prison every year….and another 3,000 receiving lesser felony sentences, should move the innocence reform agenda.” (Marvin Zalman. 2012.) He is saying in the article so many people who were convicted either should not of been convicted in the first place or if they were supposed to, got more harsher sentences that they should have gotten. The jails and prisons in the United States are overflowing with inmates because people who got harsher sentences for petty things are being sent to prison. Innocent people who got in trouble for only talking to a minor or smoking marijuana get sent to prison when they really need to be sent to a county jail for a small amount of time. A lot of the times I have seen people who have gotten caught for murder get off or get a lesser sentence like Casey Anthony who was convicted of first degree murder of her daughter. People accuse other individuals on why the system is so corrupt yet that individual does not do a thing about the way it is. It is not just a person-blame

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