My Social Science Requirement For My Associate Degree

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At first I took this sociology course because I needed to cover my social science requirement for my associate degree. During the first week of school, I started reading the sociology book by Schaefer, and I became interested in the theories that sociologist came up with. When I started reading the modern development theorists, Charles Horton Cooley, it was so fascinating because he focused on social interaction. Cooley came up with the concept called “looking glass self”, and I will explain it and show my view about it in this essay. Charles Horton Cooley was born during the 18’s. He grew up in wealthy life where his father and mother had professional jobs in the industry. He was lonely and shy person that wrote his daily ides in the diary, but destroyed later on in his life because he did not want to remember it. He dreamed of becoming a great leader and writer during his early childhood. He accomplished his dreams because he followed it by attending college at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. While he was at University, he took several courses in history, economics and philosophy. These subjects drew Cooley’s interest into sociology. During the 1890’s, he started his graduate work in political economy and sociology. Before he received his doctored degree, he came up with a theory that is a base of sociology studies till this year he called it "The Theory of Transportation." He received his PhD in political economy in 1894. He became professor

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