My Special Family

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When I was a baby my mom, dad, and I lived in a petite blue townhouse. Now I am 13 almost 14 and its my mom, dad, brother and I and we live in a slightly larger tan house. A lot can change in 13 years but one thing that will never change is my family. Family is such an important part of my life and I like to say that I have a special family. The winter of 1998, in Oakhurst, California is when my Father went to a job interview and my parents first met. From that moment on their future together began together, first it was dating, then marriage, then adventure and then children. After 4 years of being married my parents decided to start a family and have children (this is where I come into the story). I was the first child of the family, so the week before my due date my parents decided to go on one last date before they had kids. Little did my mom know, that at six am the next morning, she would be rushed to the hospital and begin the process of having a baby. October 5th, 2003 at six fifteen pm in Kirkland, Washington, I was born. My parents new I was going to be a girl so they already had my name picked out. When my parents were choosing names, they wanted my name to start with L, because almost every female in my family has a name beginning with L. They also wanted my name to sound beautiful in English, French, and Italian, since I was half Italian and half French. After a few weeks of thinking my Father finally found the perfect name, Lydia Marie Gauvin. My mom and
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