My Special Moment with Evan Essay

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Untitled My heart beats hard in my chest. I stand in the long line of students, waiting for my name to be called. Today is graduation, I’m going to get my diploma, finally free to go to college. I look around, trying to find my family in the crowd in front of the stage. I find them in the third row, my mother smiles and waves to me before she snaps the hundredth picture of me today. I roll my eyes at her, how many does she need to remember this day? I look at the people she is sitting with, Ciara’s parents and her brother Evan. My father died when I was six from a heart attack. I push away the sadness I feel for not being able to have him see my graduate, and look at Evan again, he is looking at me too. I blush when I see his trademark …show more content…

Ciara runs up to me and grabs my hands. She smiles. “We did it! Now we’ll be college girls!” she lets out a squeal and I join her as we jump up and down with glee. I feel so free now. Nothing could bring me down from this high. “Congratulations, you two,” says Evan as he, her parents, and my mother greets us. I blush again. His voice is so nice to listen to. “Thank you,” I say. Ciara smiles at me and nudges me in the side. She knows I have had a crush on her brother for the longest time. The screech of a microphone being moved and tapped on turns our attention to stage, the principal makes a speech about the future and wishing us good luck. He then gives us permission to throw our caps in the air. Hundreds of black caps go into the air, it’s time to celebrate. That night, our families go out to dinner at a nice French restaurant. Sort of a last official get together for us all before we go off to college and will only see them a few times a year. The atmosphere is peaceful. Lots of stories and jokes being told, while we share a good meal and the parents relax with wine. “Remember that time the girls entered the town’s talent show—” my mother starts. “And they got stage fright as they walked out onto the stage. The looks on their faces were just so—” Ciara’s mother adds. “Adorable!” They finish together. Ciara and I aren’t the only two that became best friends when my mom and I moved in next to

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