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My Story
My full name is Isabella Beyonce Molina, and I am a part of a family of five. My mom, Alicia, my dad, Jorge, my sister, Barbara, and my brother, whose name is also Jorge, are my family members names. I love them and honestly we are all pretty close. The only problem that I can really think of is the fact that we each have our own personalities and I do have to admit, we do butt heads pretty commonly. My family, have been through just as much as any other family, with family problems, financial problems, and stability problems, but what seems to surprise me is that I feel that what we have been through has not affected me. My entire life we have not really stayed in one home or had friends to talk to, pets to play with or even
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Not to say that I don't try on my school work, it's just sometimes I am not the best organizer of my time or my memory, so usually if it is really bad, it's probably because I forgot or I procrastinated until the very end. Which I realize is completely 100% my fault. If I would have to rate school on a scale of 1-10 in a very honest and positive rating, I think I would choose five. I say five because it is right in between, and school sometimes can be extremely bad, and sometimes it can be very fun and interesting. I think that it all really depends on the situation and overall is a really good rating in my opinion. The three most absolute thing I want to accomplish this year is to, 1. Get straight A's for the entire semester, 2. Learn the basics of how to play guitar, and 3. Learn how to prematurely, learn french. I don't have to be very good at speaking french playing guitar, I just want to know ahead of time, before I enter into high school. I also want to earn straight A's to prepare myself for high school and get the credit needed to go to college.

Outside of School
When I am out of school I am usually just at home and do nothing but watching tv, or finishing homework that I may have, for the next day, and you know the usual kid stuff. I try and do other activities outside of school, like sports or classes,
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