A Story : A Short Story

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Chapter One
Where am I?

“Rachel!” echoed in her mind.
Who was this Rachel everyone spoke about? A cousin? An aunt? A sibling? She couldn’t ponder about it, for there were no thoughts there. Blank. Empty. Nothing. A black endless hole in her mind. It was confusing. All thought lost. All she could think about was the lonely world she lived in now. The ground lacked trees and grass, the streams lacked water. The sky lacked stars. It was black. An most of all, it was just her. No friends, no family. Just her. She had no traces of her previous life. Everything was lost in the raging fires of anger and agony. She could cry out for help, but there was no one there. Why cry out, when no one can hear? She once wanted help, but now it was useless. Depression and loneliness had already sucked her into it’s hungry mouth. It wanted more and more from her. She gave it her all, and that was the problem. Rachel was lost. No one could help her now. She’s already been hypnotized by its daring eyes. Chapter 2

Rachel was one to always look at the bad side of things. When it was sunny, she thought of it as dying from heat exhaustion. She found family annoying. She found new things a threat. She even found life useless. Her mother noticed her unusual behaviors and sent her to counseling. In hopes that this counseling would help Rachel, it didn’t. It made things worse. Not long after Rachel was sent to counseling, she was sent to therapy. Everyday, Rachel became more and more

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