My Study Plan for Korean Language

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A. Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea. Before coming to Korea I've always been interested in foreign languages such as : Japanese and Korean aside from English . I taught myself a good amount of Korean and a basic Japanese ,too .It was hard for me because there weren't enough time due to my school schedule and there weren't any language institutes here that my family can afford either. I taught myself Korean using sites like : , , and . These sites helped me improving my Koren and I plan to continue using them more frequently if I get accepted . Aside…show more content…
I would practice what I learn as I interact with people . I would learn outside the institute using the websites that I mentioned above to rich my Korean and my English at the same time . I'll make use of every situation , every second starting from my arrival – since all I'll have to do is study the language I've always yearned to learn for a long time – and soak in whatever I can get my hands , ears and eyes on ! It just can't get any better . It has always been my dream to speak Korean fluently and more than that , I've always dreamed of having Korean friends and living in Korea .I even wish that I'll be allowed to do volunteering in Korea & I really hope to get approval of my request and be able to pay back to the Korean community and get close to its people whether it's elders , children or anything I absolutely want to do it , please help me fulfill this request too . I know that it's too much to ask but I really want to volunteer . I wish that my Korean will help me earn Korean friends . I'd be honored if I get accepted by them and I'll be really thankful if they teach me about their country , traditions and morals . I hope that I can be good enough to get close to them and be worthy enough to learn from them . I'm always willing to try and willing to learn . Having a chance to become a step closer to my dreams , who's crazy enough to mess such an opportunity ! Aside from Korean I want to
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