My Summary of the Good Life Essay

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The Good life can be interpreted in many ways by various people. It is pondered by every individual and can be discussed and analyzed in different ways. The following texts have shown me a very different perspective to the good life. One that I would of never thought I would have. Every person can come to their own decisions to define the good life. I believe after one reads the chosen texts, one will have a better understanding and can determine specific arguments and reasons for their beliefs. Aristotle claims at the beginning that a person’s whole life is included both on earth and in heaven. When a person is in heaven, we can determine whether their life was in fact, a good life. This is his personal opinion but I believe one can…show more content…
Nietzsche opens up a new leaf by claiming that slave’s revolt in morality. Meaning that the rich, violent and sensual are evil whilst the poor are holy. This merely suggests that one should always follow the herd. The herd being the majority of quite, accepting and considerate people. He states that there has always been more people obeying than commanding. This is 100% true since everyday individuals follow the orders of teachers, managers and Governments. We are always following somebody else’s theories except our own. It is simply because the majority is suited to submissiveness. Commanders, today, are almost ashamed of leading and they only do it in the name of God, the law or the people in general. Our moral valuation is largely based on fear and any aggressive people or strays are seen as a threat. The morality of the herd then proclaims themselves as the only true morality and all others are considered immoral. Nietzsche then contemplates powers and urges. For example; if one resists his urge to beat up and neighbor but then gives him a gift, he is sublimating his will to power. Then the neighbor will feel a sense of returning the same affection which will leave great power to the wise individual. He also suggests that true artists will follow any rigorous laws in order to discipline themselves and their art. Which then equals out to obedience and
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