My Summer Memories Involve Me At Camp

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All of my summer memories involve me at camp. From third grade on, I have spent my summers growing up among the pecan trees and feeding on Blue Bell ice cream. I had always done the same activities each year; swimming, riflery, arts and crafts, aerobics and fishing. But that all changed when I went to a different session. I was now thrown into a mix of new girls with new ideas. When the time came to choose activities, I looked to one of the girls in my cabin for advice. We had only met that day but I could tell that she was someone you looked up to. When she suggested I did dance with her, I turned it down. I hated dance and the thought of standing on stage for an hour in the blazing heat repulsed me. But, she persisted. So I caved in. I…show more content…
Then I get up my canoes to-morrow night, and fetch my raft over from the island. Then the first dark night that comes steal the key out of the old man 's britches after he goes to bed, and shove off down the river on the raft with Jim, hiding daytimes and running nights… '"(291). Essentially, his plan is perfect. He is going to find out of it is actually Jim in the hut, get the raft ready, steal the key, and continue doing what he and Jim had been doing the entire trip. His plan would quickly and painlessly get Jim out of harm 's way and prevent him from being sold back into slavery. Through this quote, we can see that Huck is looking out for his friend. He doesn 't want anything bad to happen to him so he works his plan around the safest way for Jim to escape without being caught. Tom Sawyer had a different idea. Tom took one look at Huck 's plan and rejected the entire thing," 'Work? Why, cert 'nly it would work, like rats a-fighting. But it 's too blame ' simple; there ain 't nothing to it. What 's the good of a plan that ain 't no more trouble than that? It 's as mild as goose-milk. '"(291). In his rant, Tom compare Huck 's plan to being "as mild as goose-milk." Tom hates this plan because there is no fun in it. Tom would rather do something entertaining than look out for Jim 's well being. Tom completely disregards
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