Childhood Summer Memories

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Back in the day, when I remember of me being a child and it was one of the best moment I could think of my childhood that happened in the summer, where good time start it and not too far off that it sound it like that we played in the water and we figured since it is a bit hot outside i was going to six flags and having some fun with our family and friend having an enjoyable time. Few things I would say about my childhood was also the summer time, when the sun was hitting my body my mom used to worry about me a lot so I would not get dark so she would tell me to put sunscreen on all the time even on my face and in front of my friends but back when I was little I did not get what or why she was saying that but now I get it on why. Sometime when I didn’t wear the slippers my feet would burn like I was walking in a fried pan but I were to just walk in grass with my wet feet and then a few seconds later same thing happens again so it was not point of walking in the grass but I still walked. I closed my eyes one time because my mom used to surprise me with friends coming over, going to swimming and having a picnic and playing with the park dogs, it would be so much fun but we had this curfew time to get back home and the only annoying thing was the bugs and bees around us that were biting out skins off and making us scratch and the dirt we use in or the mud that we use to make sand castles out of at the beach. I tried to look up and see if I would be getting some shade anytime

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