My Thoughts On Aurora 's Pov

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Aurora 's POV
"Come on, I 'll drive you to where your staying." Blake said.
"What about you 're vehicle?" I asked sniffling.
"I 'll get someone to pick me up and then bring me back here to get it. Now, which way is your vehicle?" He asked looking around.
"It 's that truck right down there." I pointed down the street to where my truck was parked.
I felt numb. In that moment, I felt as though there was no one out there for me. I think that my original thoughts on my future were going to come true. I 'm going to be an old lonley cat lady with a hundred cats.
Blake asked me for my keys which I reached to him without a word. He helped me in the truck before walking over to the driver 's side and got in. He started up the truck, then glanced in my direction.
"Buckle up." Blake said snapping his own seat belt into place.
I done as he said.
"Where are you staying?" Blake asked me.
"Freedom Ranch. Do you know where it 's at?" I asked wiping my eyes.
"Yeah. Do you want something to drink or anything before I take you home?" Blake asked concerned.
"No, I 'm fine. Thank you for asking." I said giving him a small smile.
He nodded his head and pulled out of the parelle parking spot. I watched as Blake steered us through the traffic. I could tell he was think about something by the way he was biting the corner of his mouth. I watched him. There was just something about him, but I couldn 't put my finger on it.
His hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were…

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