Our Day at the Fair was a Red Balloon Essay

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In the desert stood a small and polite town. The low-slung houses nestled in beside each other burned a crisp white in the noon sun.
The stripes were not so visible on the back of his neck as across his little bare arms.
The sun was still high but the shadows were casting further by the hour.
His clothes, covered in torn holes revealing a constellation of scabby scars mixed with brown and purple markings.
The boy in the pram held on to the balloon’s ribbon so tightly with his chubby little fist that the skin around his knuckles began to pale and blotch. His eyes remained fixed on the balloon above him as his eldest brother pushed him through the maze of deserted streets. The sun was high but the narrow rows of flat-topped houses three or
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Eventually they came to where the desert drifted into the little town. The boy’s brother pulled the pram up the shallow incline at the foot of the dune and up into the desert. He pushed the pram just far enough so that they could look back over the town.
The sun was still high but soon it will begin to dip behind the dune the boy’s brother thought.
The boy never took his eyes of the balloon for the whole journey. He was waiting for a repetition of a moment that he had noticed by chance soon after they left the fair.
They had been wandering the fair in search of money. Any coins dropped on the ground by the children from the rides that tipped their pockets, or, by the clumsy adults flicking through their wallets in line at the snack venders. The boy and his brother milled about close to people keeping an eye out for any loose looking kids or pestered adult bent to blindness by the heat and their yapping children.
Near to the rolling Ferris wheel a kind woman surrounded by squabbling children let her hand down toward the battered boy and sent forward a ribbon and the boy took it in his hand and felt it tighten as the balloon lifted up above him and stayed there obediently.
The boy’s brother had spotted a pram hidden under the shade of an olive tree in the town square where the fair was held every year. It was away from the main attractions enough for him to brave an inspection. He checked that no one was watching and then
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