My Time At Templestowe College

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During my time at Templestowe College, having studied there from 2007 and graduating in 2012, I have been able to observe the transition from their previous failing model to their more recent success in terms of enrollment increases and overall stakeholder satisfaction and how exactly this has been shaped both positively and negatively by Peter and his leadership strategies.

One of the first things one will observe upon meeting Peter is that he is a puts a great deal of effort into appearing a charismatic leader, this charisma seems to come both naturally whilst also being somewhat forced, in an attempt to remain engaging and command respect concurrently. This style of leadership based around personal interaction has
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Speeches and presentations are another way in which Peter demonstrates his charismatic leadership style, giving well thought out and engaging deliveries to the student, teaching and parental populace of the college. It is through these that he is able to reiterate his vision for the future of the organisation and present ideas to a somewhat interactive audience, thus gauging their reaction and taking it on board when furthering and implementing these ideas.
Over the past 5 years, Peter and the school have gained a considerable amount of media attention for the implementation of uncommon programs and learning models. From allowing students to vary the times they attended school to best fit their lifestyle to removing the traditional year level structure from 2015 onwards, Peter and the leading board of the college have proposed and implemented an expansive list of self defined innovations both to improve their current education model and move towards his vision of the future schooling community. These however have been a pitfall in Peter’s leadership as there are groups amongst the college’s teacher and parental population who believe this is purely a marketing campaign in order to drum up media coverage, hype and numbers and that many of these ideas are ill thought-out and essentially unsustainable within the framework and budget of the school and have given little consideration to the added stresses placed on parents and
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